Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Museum theatre

As someone who is pretty much without creative imagination, I love it when people do way out-of-the-box things with history. Chris's live-blogging of historical events falls into the category of "I couldn't do that even if I could think of it, which I couldn't."

So does this:  Jennifer Boyes-Manseau, Artistic Director of Dramamuse, the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Theatre Company will present "How Museum Theatre Can Address Sensitive Content and Tell Neglected Stories" as part of the Curator’s Notebook: Lunchtime Lecture Series of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, on April 13th from noon to 1 pm (for more info email

Jennifer will discuss how to create outstanding museum theatre: choosing the right players, steps in the script and development process, keys to effective consultation and collaboration, and striking an effective balance between content and form, aesthetics and education. Dramamuse’s most recent play, A Trick of Truth by Steven Gin, which was developed for the exhibition Profit and Ambition, will serve as a case study.
I guess you don't get to see the play, or at least not in its entirety, but even hearing about the nuts-and-bolts of this sort of project would be fascinating.

PS Those who can only visit cyber-locations should give Road to Justice, a new public history website focussed on the legal history of Chinese Canadians, a look. Chris suggested I blog about it at the Canadian legal history blog, and I did..
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