Thursday, April 21, 2011

History and Human Rights Update

The controversy over the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association and its uses of history continues to boil.

The Globe & Mail reports (not in the online Globe that I can see)  that the UCCLA has declared that while it is entitled to hold strong and controversial views on European history, globally-recognized experts in European history are not allowed to express views on the same subject when it involves a Canadian museum.  

See our earlier discussion of the Canadian Human Rights Museum and the declaration of the historians that the UCCLA has been distorting history in its lobbying of the museum about Holocaust and Holodomor matters.  According to the Globe story of April 21, the UCCLA now declares it is "appalling" that non-Canadians should presume to hold views on the matter. 

In reality, the letter that it denounces as "anti-democratic stammering" is signed not only by leading European historians but by many prominent Canadians, including prominent members of the Ukrainian-Canadian community.
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