Friday, January 07, 2011

Cliopatria Awards announced

The Cliopatria Awards for the best history blogs are announced by History News Network's Cliopatria blog today.  Just to confirm again the richness of history blogging in the United States (it's different here, shall we say), pretty well all the winners were previously unknown to me.

Update, January 10: Ralph Luker of Cliopatria sends this correction:

In re the Cliopatria Awards, this year's winners are not concentrated in the United States. Chapati Mystery, where Lapata blogs, is managed by a Pakistani specialist in medieval south Asia teaching at the Free University of Berlin. Renaissance Mathematicus is run by an English fellow who now lives in Germany. Mike Dash is an English historian who wrote about Emperor Menilik of Ethiopia.In 2006, two of the six awards went to a faculty member and a student at the University of Western Ontario.
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