Friday, December 10, 2010

There is a procedure: party discipline in Britain and Canada

Yesterday, despite its large parliamentary majority, the British government was able to pass its tuition-fee increase bill with only with a slim victory and many abstentions, the Guardian reports.  More than half the Liberal-Democrats backbenchers and six of the Conservatives voted against their own government's bill.

Some parliamentary secretaries resigned rather than support their government, but no one is being fired from caucus, no one is being denied re-nomination.

This is how politics works in functioning parliamentary democracies, where leaders are part of caucus and accountable to it and where caucuses of the people's elected representatives are understood to be coalitions of interests, not merely cheering claques for leaders imposed on them by extra-parliamentary shenanigans.

Oh, and some people in a Rolls-Royce got egged. See which story gets most coverage.

(Photo: The Guardian online)
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