Tuesday, December 07, 2010

ActiveHistory's how-to: searching your First World War Ancestor

Step-by-step instructions for some basic genealogical searching, from the ActiveHistory team.  Nice work.

At ActiveHistory, Ian Milligan provides very detailed "Step by Step" instructions for searching for the military records of individual Canadians.  But one of the key steps is "Go to Ottawa," and there he's soliciting help.  If you are working in those sources, you can be one of his volunteers

Milligan is kind enough to suggest this is an aid for students.  But even experienced historians have lots of collections and archives they've never worked in and don't know their way around. With enough volunteers, maybe A/H could extend this "step-by-step" to other popular research topics. (E.g., I still don't know much about our nearly hundred year old house.)

(Image from Google Images: no relation)
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