Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So political history is officially back?

Or does this signify it is now a niche interest like all the others?

The political history committee of the Canadian Historical Association announces prizes for "outstanding, well written" books and articles, in English and in French, that make "an original, significant, and meritorious contribution to the field of Canadian political history." Details start here.  Blue-ribbon juries, including history blogger Andrew Smith, are looking for nominations from authors or their publishers.

Update, November 12:  Matthew Hayday, University of Guelph historian and Pample the Moose blogger, comments:
My main interest in getting this group set up was to try to pull the political historians back into the fold at the Canadian Historical Association [....] I always went to the CHA, but wanted more of the type of history that I care most about to be present on the panels, and so started the group to try to revive some presence. We've got about 70+ members so far, including a lot of grad students and early- and mid-career faculty as members, so I'd say that we're not quite a niche interest. But mostly I wanted us to at least be a visible presence in the academic community, rather than completely marginalized and (self-)excluded. The drive for the group came from a number of younger scholars who were tired of the 1990s Canadian history wars.
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