Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Here's who's bloggin'

Whoops, now I find that Mark Reid, my editor at Canada's History, has been blogging the CHA conference at the Canada's History website. Okay, Mark, I will hit that bookmark more often.

The Canada's History website also features material from the current print issue. My own column in that issue, as you would know if you subscribed, looks at the history of cycling in Canada and (fanboy alert) includes comments from Tour de France competitor Ryder Hesjedal of Victoria. B.C.

My piece for the next Canada's History will profile the historian Elizabeth Abbott and her recent A History of Marriage. Abbott's book is also reviewed (online, not in the print mag) in June's Literary Review of Canada, just out.  Addendum: and she's appearing at Moses Znaimer's pricy/fabulous IdeaCity conference in Toronto later this month.

(This post has been corrected.)
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