Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plus ca change

In Opposition, Mr Cameron often spoke of the need to win back power for Parliament against the ever-growing power of the executive. In Government, however, one of his first moves has been to beef up still further the power of the executive by neutering the one parliamentary body where it had been weekly called to account by backbenchers: the 1922 Committee.
-- Historian John Adamson in the (London) Mail on Sunday. Wikipedia on the 1922 Committee. (hat tip: Paul Lay.)

Update, May 26: Stephen Maclean writes:
I initially shared your concerns over the 'take-over' of the 1922 Committee, but John Redwood--whose 'right-wing' colleagues would suffer most from it--adds some reassuring context
... or some PR bromides, maybe, but the comments are interesting.
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