Friday, December 18, 2009

Canada Reads (Fiction)

Quillblog points to Douglas Hunter's earlier Globe & Mail piece on non-fiction at Canada Reads:
Canada Reads has not once in nine years included a non-fiction title. Were a celebrity participant to defend Ken McGoogan’s Lady Franklin’s Revenge or Ken Dryden’s The Game, I’d keel over in a dead faint.
Hunter seems to have uncovered a mystery about the competition's selection process. On December 14, the Canada Reads blog said Hunter just doesn't understand: CR is a "fiction contest." But on December 18 the same blog described the selection process this way:
"Here's the short answer: the panelists select the books.... Distilled to its essence, Canada Reads is really a competition for readers by readers.... The only criteria: they have to love the books they suggest and they have to feel convinced that those choices stand a chance of winning over the most hearts and minds."
The only criteria? Some 'splaining required, CR.
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