Monday, October 19, 2009

Live-blogging the Quebec conference #8

Monday, October 17, 1864:

Officially they took Sunday off, but some talk/dealing/strong-arming must have been going on, because the allocation of Senate seats they have deadlocked over since Thursday is quickly settled. The tripartite equality proposed at the start of the debate -- 24 senate seats each for Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes -- is affirmed, but with a supplementary resolution affirming additional seats if Newfoundland (and by extension, future western provinces) come in. This passes unanimously, and they adjourn for the afternoon.

What has happened here? Let's hold that question until the next issue is addressed, because the two go together. When they reconvene at 7.30 pm, Macdonald moves for senators to be appointed for life by the national government. This keeps them going until midnight.
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