Monday, September 14, 2009

Historical Mysteries remain unsolved

The Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History project recently send us a notice about how it's taking over the world. Good on them. Worth a look, if you don't already know them.
The 12 Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History have been drawing as many as 2,200 Internet sleuths a day over the summer and as students return to school and teachers use them to teach everything from architecture to religion, usage will likely double. In China users include students learning English at the Huamei-Bond International High School, while 12-year-olds in Limerick, Ireland are learning history with the site. A professor at the University of Bologna, Italy uses it to teach history and computer science and one in Erie, Pennsylvania uses the site to teach Criminological Theories at Gannon University. A teacher in Houston is teaching world history to high school students with the website, while another in North Carolina uses the mysteries to teach Searching for Clues: Logic, Law, and Literature to advanced college students. In France high school students in Toulousse learn about battered children, using the resources on the mystery “Aurore! The Mystery of the Martyred Child”. Some universities in Japan are using the site in a preparatory course for students who will spend one year at University of British Columbia. The list is endless – a research course in the Dominican Republic, a conversation course taught in Prague, E-learning tools for History at the University of Florence in Italy…
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