Monday, August 17, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #46

Friday, August17, 1759:
The enemy continued to direct a heavy fire upon the town. The large number of cannonshots directed at the Chateau St-Louis in the last several days have left it on the verge of collapse. This targeting has been very hard on the Recollet fathers, whose [adjacent] property has received since the start of the bombardment more than 2000 bullets and about 500 bombs, fireballs and mortars; all of which have left the house uninhabitable.

One of the batteries firing from the west-south-west has been giving the same treatment to the Jesuit fathers. The seminary and the bishop’s palace are no more than shells. The only religious community buildings left are the Hotel-Dieu [hospital] and the Ursuline convent. So far they been hit with only a few bombs and cannonballs, which have not caused great damage to these two buildings.
--- from Foligné's journal of the siege.
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