Saturday, August 15, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #44

Wednesday August 15, 1759: The supply clerk notes the news that has just reached the besieged city, of the devastation befalling towns and farms in the British-held territory.
“We have just learned from the people of Baie St-Paul that the enemy has burned about forty houses there. Thirty or forty habitants fought them as best they could. A building belonging to Sieur Bazin was spared from the flames, and after the enemy retired our people went inside it. They found bloodstains and a dozen blood-soaked scarves, which suggests that some of the enemy were killed or wounded.”
Joseph Goreham, captain of the ranger company that did the damage, returns to British headquarters on the Ile d'Orléans today with his report.
That on the 4th of August they proceeded down to St. Paul’s Bay (which is opposite to the North Side of this Island) where was a Parish containing about 200 men, who had been very active in distressing our Boats and Shipping. At 3 o 'Clock in the Morning Capt. Gorham landed and forced two of their Guards of 20 Men each, who fired smartly for Some Time, but that in two Hours they drove them all from their Covering in the Wood, and clear'd the Village which they burnt, consisting of about 50 fine Houses and Barns, destroy'd most of their Cattle, &c. That in this one Man was kill'd and 6 wounded, but that the Enemy had two kill'd, and several wounded, who were carried off. That from thence they proceeded to Mal Bay [La Malbaie, sometimes Murray Bay], 10 Leagues to the Eastward on the same Side, where they destroyed a very pretty Parish, drove off the Inhabitants and Stock without any Loss, after which, they made a Descent on the South Shore, opposite the Island of Coudre, destroyed Part of the Parish of St. Ann's and St. Jean, where were very handsome Houses with Farms, and loaded the Vessels with Cattle; after which they returned from their Expedition.
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