Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #19

Saturday, July 21, 1759. A vignette and an opinion from the Journal du siège, the work of an anonymous Quebecker employed at the royal storehouse and therefore nicely tagged by Peter MacLeod as the "supply clerk's journal":
Sanchagrin, a corporal in the colonial troops who was captured last May by the squadron of Admiral Durrell escaped on the 18th from aboard the ship Prince of Orange. He swam for shore and with the greatest difficulty he reached shore at Cap Brulé, and from there he came here.
And a little later, just to show it is not only the British who are having doubts about their leaders:
The conduct of our generals and the inaction of our troops and militia truly makes me despair of the safety of this poor colony. The enemy have landed first at the Ile d’Orleans, then at Point Levy, at the falls, at Pointe-aux Trembles and at Deschambault without anyone doing anything serious to stop them. I don’t know now where they plan to go, but in truth I think that they will go wherever they want.
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