Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Live-blogging the Siege of Quebec +250 #12

July 14: Captain John Knox of the British 43rd Regiment, one of the principal diarists on the English side, notes how the campaign depends on interdicting resupply to the French forces and continuing to build up the British force at Quebec:
A large twenty-gun ship bound from Rochelle to Quebec was taken a few days ago by some of our frigates off the island of Anticosti; she was laden with flour, biscuit, brandy, wine, and stores, which were to have been conveyed by the river Saguenay. A fleet of transports are arrived from New York and Boston, with stores and provisions of all kinds, three hundred provincials are also arrived to recruit the ranging companies and corps of artificers.
He is also becoming a student of the local weather: "The summers in this country are very hot, and subject to violent rains; we had a great fall today."
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