Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don’t bogart that paradigm

If you really experienced the sixties, you are not supposed to remember them. Fortunately, we have historians.

Carleton University in Ottawa will hosts a symposium on sixties history on November 14, 2009, featuring as keynote speaker Dimitry Anastakis, editor of The Sixties: Passion, Politics and Style. The organizers sum up the issues in language that should be saved for some future conference on early 21st century scholarly discourse: “A proliferation of conferences, anthologies and surveys of the period have prompted an interrogation of the parameters and meaning of the once-paradigmatic decade.”

They welcome participants. “This symposium aims to bring together senior doctoral students, recent graduates and junior faculty members working on topics related to the 1960s experience in Canada broadly defined…. The symposium organizers welcome 200-word abstracts for 20-minute presentations to be submitted electronically by September 15, 2009 (sixties[dot]symposium[at]gmail[dot]com)."

(h/t to H-Canada)
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