Thursday, May 07, 2009

History as a graphic novel; the graphic novel as history

The doctoral research of historian Jessica van Horssen into the history of the Jeffrey mine and the town of Asbestos, Quebec, has been reworked as ... a graphic novel. Worth a look.

It's not just Van Horssen's research in this. She also wrote the graphic novel -- it's narrated by the mine itself -- and even plays the harmonica for the online multimedia publication. The artwork by Radna-Prema McAllister is striking.

Impresario of this inventive transformation seems to be the ever-creative Joy Parr and something called Megaprojects New Media. Nice work.

Update: I understand this link may be a better and more permanent connection to Megaprojects New Media and the Asbestos GR. (h/t to H-Canada.)
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