Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enviro-historians online

Following up my posts (just scroll down) about CanHist blogging (or the lack thereof), Sean Kheraj, a postdoc in the History Department at UBC suggests:
I did want to bring your attention to the growing online Canadian environmental history community. The main portal for Canadian environmental history is: Each member of the site can post stories, news items, conference notices, research findings, and any other information related to the field. NiCHE's site also hosts a series of databases for research and teaching. I've been involved with NiCHE for the past couple of years and I think their work is an excellent model that more historians should adopt. Incidentally, I would also recommend you listen to our podcast, "Nature's Past". You can find past episodes and our iTunes subscription info at Thanks again for the great post. Historians need to think more about using internet technologies to share information and disseminate research findings.
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