Thursday, April 16, 2009

You, me, and the LRC

Do you need and deserve a complimentary subscription to the Literary Review of Canada? I could be your go-to guy.

The Literary Review of Canada has an angel who had promised to underwrite 100 one-year print subscriptions to the LRC for the kind of lively, interesting Canadians who ought to be reading it. In turn, the LRC is asking friends and contributors to nominate up to ten people to receive such subscriptions. I've just become one of the nominators.

I can't help thinking that my friends who should be reading the Literary Review are smart enough to have discovered it for themselves. So I'm unleasing the power of the blogosphere. If you read this blog, surely you are the kind of person the LRC wants to reach.

So, if you would like to be one of my nominees, email me with your name and mailing address (email address at right). (No strings, no complications, no use of the information other than the subscription.) We've never had boodle on this blog before, but who knows where this may lead?
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