Friday, December 19, 2008

Hints for the Hard to buy for Historian #19

Janet McNaughton, of St. John's, prolific young adult novelist, sometime folklorist, and author of To Dance at the Palais Royale, a novel of early twentieth century Toronto, suggests:
Cloud of Bone by Bernice Morgan, but it appeared late in 2007, so that might not suit you. [nah, we're easy here -- ed.] It's not strictly historical. There are three sections, one in St. John's in World War II, one with Beothuk Indians, and one in Rwanda and England more or less in the present. The historical detail is lovely though and so's the writing.
The link I've put in for Cloud of Bone is a blog called Compulsive Overreader, -- because it topped my Google search on that title, and because I love its enthusiasm, for that book and generally. The Google ads that come up are funny too -- osteoporosis!

Late update: here's your invitation to last-minute Christmas suggesting. I'd be glad to hear a few fresh suggestions from followers of this list.
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