Thursday, October 16, 2008

IFOA: Books have no value

I'm used to having Toronto's streets and subways littered with giveaways: Metro and 24 Hours and the Learning Annex calendar and Auto-Trader and a million other bits of dead tree, all costing zero and having about that value too. Mostly I'm pretty good about stepping around and generally avoiding all this dreck.

Now the International Festival of Authors wants to add books to the list. Today they are stashing a thousand free books all over the city in free newspaper boxes when they can, just dumping them anywhere when they can't. It's as if they really want us to get the idea that the books of the authors they invite to read and speak are just so much disposable, valueless trash. Jeez, IFOA, I thought you might be supportive of books and the people who write them.
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