Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall History Books: Me, Me, Me division

Just received: 101 Things Canadians Should Know About Canada. A lovely little book edited by Rudyard Griffiths of the ever-inventive Dominion Institute (which conceived the book and ran a web thingee to choose the Things). Whimsical illustrations by Anthony Jenkins of the Globe & Mail. Whimsical contributions by writers like Dave Bidini and Rick Mercer and Camilla Gibb and Shyam Selvadurai and, well, me too. A nice little project to contribute to, and some lively writing, and they have done it up very attractively. Here's Michelle Berry on Thing 37, the loonie:
At the top of the Wikipedia link to the loonie, it says, "This article is about the coin. For the Canadian dollar as a currency, see 'Canadian dollar.' For a mentally ill person, see 'lunatic.' Is it just me or do you also find this funny? ....
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