Thursday, June 26, 2008

Youth movement at Dominion Institute!

I've told before how when I was first contacted by one Rudyard Griffiths at something called the Dominion Institute, I imagined someone and something tweedy and hoary with age. Well, they proved not to be so.

I've been an admirer ever since of the Institute's seriousness about ideas and savvy about media and promotion, a hip/serious mix pretty much unknown in cultural policy, let alone historical organizations.

At yesterday's July 1 party at the Peter Pan on Queen West in Toronto, the DI introduced Rudyard's successor as executive director. Marc Chalifoux, politically connected, a recent LSE grad in politics and communications, and under thirty, looks - dare we say it - like a young Rudyard Griffiths. Good luck to the DI and also to Rudyard, who is not likely to vanish, I would say.
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