Monday, May 12, 2008


Technology columnists are supposed to be wrong most of the time, given the uncertainty of their field. But Ivor Tossell in the Globe, who seems to be wrong about everything, was never more so than in sneering at the registry in a column back on May 2.

Tossell thinks is the real suffix, and is for losers. But look around the world. British sites are routinely, Russian, Australian, German and so on throughout the world of the WorldWideWeb. And Canadian sites are

The only place that doesn't understand national-domain suffixes is the place where the appropriate ending (that you never see) would be

Everyone but Tossell understands that means American government, means American university, and means either American business or wants-to-be-American business.

Late Update: Ivor Tossell points out that our viewpoints are not that far apart, and that he too was noting the American-wannabe flavour of Fair enough. I was recalling, without rereading, a piece read sometime earlier (and the column had been paywalled by the time I got to commenting on it. Tech columnists tend to be digital-freedom advocates -- but somehow the newspapers that publish them always get their revenues. )
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