Thursday, January 17, 2008

Story of Canada 2008

When a writer hasn't had a new book out for a while, reprints and re-editions are a lovely thing. So here's to announce the new revised updated 2008 edition of The Story of Canada, the history of Canada for kids and families that has been been getting a wonderful reception in all its various editions ever since the first some fifteen years ago.
Not quite a new title, but we added new material and new images. And hey, getting a box of crisp new copies of your own work delivered from the publisher feels like something. At better bookstores everywhere.
I appreciate all the support Key Porter Publishing has given this book over the years. Fond memories of working with Janet Lunn and Alan Daniel, too. Mostly it's all the appreciative readers we have to thank.

Back in 2000 Quill and Quire chose The Story of Canada as one of the ten best Canadian children's books of the twentieth century.
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